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BSO 2014


Jessika Wahls

Trying to concentrate on what i always loved most- my art- i thought it would be good to enroll from the beginning how and why i do what i do.Part of my decision to start writing a Blog is Callum Jack, who inspired me with his steady blogging to sit down and have a closer look at how i could use this for myself.

Having drawn for a long time, and painted for maybe around 5 years, i always come across people who would like me to explain closer why i paint and draw what. I'm not the biggest fan of helping people to interpret my inner thoughts and feelings, so i find this blog will probably the best thing to give a little more insight to everyone who's interested how my thoughts work :) So lets just begin at the start,- well as much as i can remember anyhow.the Circus....

Then already very colorful!

The flag...they made us paint...glue, cut out etc..

i still remember practising this pic with my mum, so i'd be the coolest in the kindergarden :)

The peace dove..... It's funny how this bird was already a subject in my very early artwork, adn runs it's red line through my life still...

...just watch the little red communist

To only just add a few... That's some of the treasures my mum actually rescued for me,... though for the following school years there aren't unfortunately as many time witnesses as from kindergarden period. Nevertheless, it shows my early fascination with art , painting drawing etc.