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BSO 2014


Jessika Wahls

Having moved to another place, out of the flatshare and in , just with Paul-made me paint even more. In that period i produced pieces like THE JUNGLE IN MY HEAD, and CLOSENESS OF LIFE AND NATURE. in which i very much enjoyed exploring the influence of Frida Kahlo, as well as Henry Russeau, with all their excessive use of plants and leafs.

Another of those was LOVERS EMBRACE

Since i spend a lot of time painting, i was also pondering about a lot, as i always do..

In moments like them i came up with  MY ROOTS AND WINGS, which shows a lot about my needs and wants at the time...and also about the divide within me, between my hometown Berlin and my new home London!

I also created quite a few portraits of people that i know, most of which i am quite close to.

There was SOPHIE AND HER MUM (btw the only portrait i did of her she actually ever liked ;) )

My friend STEFF

Paul and i...

My family portrait....

And one of the favorites of my recent exhibition...MARYLIN MANSCHEWSKI a little homage to a very sweet girl :)

Then there is MY GRANDPARENTS, which was a gift from me to them on their golden wedding anniversary.

Sticking to the subject, there was another wedding portrait i did and that belongs these days to Sarah and Lee Martin-who are very good friends of Paul

And last but not least, there was the portrait of Thomas, which i only recently finished, three years on that is...!

I just didn't know how the background will look and all of a sudden i knew...