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BSO 2014


Jessika Wahls

Generally speaking, i love bright bold colors. Always have done. I use them as a reflection of my emotions. They always played a big role in my life, since i think that one can not only express emotions, but actually effect emotions through the right use of color!

I tried that out in one of my previous flats back in Berlin, were my bedroom was completely blue, and i mean blue...everything, the walls the floor, the ceiling, everything!

I slept so well there as it was such a nice cool atmosphere in there!

To make it even more effective, i glued mirror pieces around the swirls, so it'll be like an underwater world.

My lounge had nice warm earthy colors, the bathroom was yellow etc.

I loved that flat and how the colors made me feel!

Growing up, i always liked art, and even attended an art course for a short while, which was tutored by a friend of my family. It was a rather alternative approach to teaching art, and although it was fun, i can't say that i learned a great deal there, so i stopped going.

Another reason was that around that time i started my apprenticeship to become a hairdresser, and simply lacked the time to participate.

Though with my apprenticeship came a whole new universe of artful expression in shape of hairup's haircolors, cuts make up etc into my life.

Hairdressing turned out to be a great forum for me to realise my creative ideas.I always particularly enjoyed the trainee competitions of which i won a couple, though being part of it was already a huge buzz.

They also had a category called *fantasy make up*  which i for obvious reasons enjoyed the most!

We actually made this outfit together out of around 2000 paper clips. It really looked stunning!

I could attach even more, though i think it's pretty clear, i had fun with those!

Through my 3 years of apprenticeship i also always enjoyed hair-up's and crazy make up designs the most and it's an ongoing favorite of mine.

I always continued drawing... basically everywhere one could leave a mark. And one thing i am still ever so slightly obsessed or intrigued by, are bodies... mainly nudes. When i look at old books of mine, or the backside of a school folder,....everywhere... bodies.

God knows were that comes from....