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BSO 2014


Jessika Wahls

After my last blog about Tattoo's this one doesn't come entirely unrelated. It somewhat started with a Tattoo design, that my focus got directed at storyboards, and Illustrations. For a while, i was seriously contemplating about becoming a Tattooist myself.  As before mentioned, i love Tattoos, and i love drawing, painting etc, so the combination of both would just be a great job to have! In the end, i don't think it's as straight forward and easy to get into it though.

Tattooists it seems to me have this tight knitted little society, where it isn't quite as easy as- "hello' i wanna be a Tattooist, teach me and off we go..." with a closer look, there is a lot more dedication to it, than just that. In most cases, one is expected to work for completely free and since there is no actual apprenticeship, there are also no actual guidelines for when you are ready to go.

Frankly, for me, being in my current situation as a hairdresser, it seems nearly impossible to ever enter an unpaid apprenticeship, least not forget, that one get's given an apprenticeship not just because one wants one, but because the "teacher " sees one fit to deserve one, so i got told.

In any case, i wont be able to adjust my life to that, since i need to work and earn money to maintain a living, and i am well above the age that i could stay at my parents and enjoy their support. And also there's the fact that living in a country other than my own, things don't get any easier.

But enough of that. Perhaps, once i manage to go freelance completely with my art, i might find a way after all....let's see.

But this isn't actually where i was going with the story.

Where i meant to go was here: Because of my wish to become a Tattooist, i just drew and drew and drew. Just random stuff, but also Tattoo designs for friends, as well as for myself.

One of those was for Debby, my-then-collegue

eventually it turned out rather different, due to the fact that Debby, despite my nagging didn't really do any research and ended up going to a butcher who did a rather hideous job, to then finally listen and go to see Lianne who did her best to make something nice out of it!

Now, the other one Lianne actually urned into reality was Steven's Tattoo. Steven is one of my lovely hairdressing client, and he asked me one day if i could design something around his old Tattoo, and if i knew somebody who'd be good at doing it as well, so i had a crack at it, and what came out of that was this here:

I drew it and shortly after he got it done and this is how it looks :

So after this, Steven was so pleased with it, that he came to the salon, to thanks me, as well as to ask me, whether i'd be interested in drawing up a storyboard. I guess that would have been the first time i ever heard of such a thing, and i had no clue what it meant, but i said -yes- anyway!

So he left me with a script to read and that was my first attempt to draw a storyboard.It was called the Ivory war, and i had enormous fun drawing it.

It was a bit like learning by doing, as i used examples of google to try my first storyboard.

Having done this one, and having the amazing opportunity to speak to other clients, who work in that field, i soon drew the second and third board for shorts.

so there where more shorts, of course...


a music video even, where by the way i had the honor of participating :P

The Video by the way was for Danny Valentines and the meditations for the song *Queen of everything* The result however is yet to be seen ;)

Another interesting project where some stickers that have yet to be realized, though designing them was great fun too!

And more, but that- later ...!