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BSO 2014

Meet ARCHIBALD VON BAWDY (aka -the guy who brings you Monsters and Kink)

Jessika Wahls

Archibald von Bawdy is a Journalist @ Monsters and Kink. He will venture out into the rampant world of FETISHES to find out for you and for himself, what it is that most people still find so scary about the entire topic.

Not only will he explore what fetishes actually are, but with help of the various volunteers that have already signed up, he will try and get a better insight into what those fetishes actually mean to the individual.

All this will be accompanied by illustrations, which will turn volunteers into some of my monster creations, frankly to move away from commonly used imagery in fetish circles (which personally i quite enjoy) to draw attention to the core of the subject.


I feel there is still a great deal of ignorance, or simply lack of knowledge surrounding the fetish scene, which often leads to misunderstandings, misinterpreting, and blatant dismissing narrow mindedness.

For some, that might be the appeal to be part of that underground scene, yet for others it remains a struggle to accept their "different" side because society is still very quick to make a judgement, if something is not quite what's considered the norm.

I love the fetish and alternative scene as nowhere else have i met so many flamboyant inspiring characters, met such great deal of open-minded individuals, as well as mutual respect towards each other. So with my comic, i want to try and share with the world what seems to be a subject very close to my heart, as well as to my life!

I am already excited about all the great insights i will no doubt experience on my journey with Archibald, as well as visualizing everything for all of you to get the same experience!


Maybe it will help some people to feel more at ease with being different, or for those like me who rather embrace to be different just an opportunity to learn and share with others- and of course join Mr. Von Bawdy on his titillating adventures! Lets see how it goes!!

For starters a little sneaky peak for those interested how it'll be ;)