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BSO 2014

Give your old clothes a new exciting lease of life....

Jessika Wahls

That was the headline under which i intended the following photo shoot. I somewhat wanted to make my monster friends a little more sexy, which, with the help of my two beautiful lady friends Anne von Bengard and Franzi Boehm actually turned out to be a real treat for tired eyes, as they basically removed all there clothes to help promote the recycling of old clothes, which is what my little Monsters are ;)

Once i had the idea, i advertised on facebook to people that would potentially be up for a fun project, which i could by no means afford to pay. So everybody involved has been part for the laugh of it, and obviously the wonderful pictures that have already emerged!

Chris Williams of and Carlos-Christian Nickel were pretty much the first two to reply and since i am a fan of both, i decided that it would be a good idea to get them both involved!

The rest of the team was made up out of Helen Dury, who is an extremely talented body-painter and Make up artist as well as the fiance of Chris Williams,- Anja Moehler, who is one of my closest friends as well as the lady in charge of the backstage pics. She also helped with everything there was to do in the background :). And there was me, who basically instigated the whole shoot- the creative director so to speak- as well as the hairstylist and stylist in general ;)

Okay, well in the correct order, it's Me, Anja and then Helen- for those who don't know!

As for the rest, there should have been Archibald von Bawdy- the journalist of Monsters and Kink, but he was still away on his travels to Barcelona fetish weekend with friends...

So, sadly, he couldn't couldn't join, which meant his cousin Edward von Bawdy had to stand in, and he had a pretty goof time ;)

He also joined me already to his first outing at Torture Garden which was fun (and so did Archy, who came along with my friend Paolo ;),- so sadly not light enough pics of him!)

The rest of the team are obviously- The Monsters and Ink family!


To give you a little sneaky peak of the shoot, i'll attach some of those mouthwatering pics ;)

The result of the shoot can be seen on my website, that is still very much in progress and on the launch night of Monsters and Ink, which is also yet to be confirmed! They will be exhibited alongside the Monsters, as well as some of my Monster-artwork and at some point of the evening they will be auctioned off as well. So if you wanna get your hands on a print, be sure to be there, as there will be only a limited amount available!

All the Monsters i have made up to that point, will be also up for auction. Each of them is a one-off and will never be reproduced, as those are all my old clothes, and well- once they are gone- that's it. After that, you are all very welcome to get your own custom made Monster out of that old favorite jumper-shirt or whatever else it is that you are sentimental about ;)

i will be producing some Monsters at the side, of my old clothes too, but will predominantly concentrate on the commissions.

All the information you need will be up on the website , which will be simultaneously launched to the auction, and i honestly recommend to subscribe to this blog, if you want to keep up to date with the development! I shall be updating on here how the site is coming along, as well as the progress of Monsters and Kink- which is in full swing, as i have been interviewing quite a few massively interesting individuals about their Kinks and quirks, and i gotta say- i am amazed,-inspired,-enlightened even, speaking to some of them. So if you are interested in what's next, you know what to do ;P

That's enough for today tho xxxx