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BSO 2014

STOPJECTIFY in the making

Jessika Wahls


An exhibition , highlighting the damaging effects of objectification, imagining and creating CHANGE!




Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 17.21.51

Hello wonderful people of the crowd-funding sphere, my name is Jess, i am London based Berliner Artist, Feminist and after this i guess you can call me curator too. ( you can always call me a badass ninja tho!!)I talk regularly with people about topics such as Feminism, gender inequalities, sexism and the constant objectification many of us face day in and day out.

After yet another defeatist comment like ' Nothing you can do about it' and 'i see your point, but we all know that's not going to change in your life-time' i figured, like Michael Jackson already sung ......


If you wanna make the world a better place


And then STOPJECTIFY was born....

Stopjectify warhol


But being an artist and having run a successful crowd-funding campaign for my last solo show #bigswingingovaries once before, i know that without YOU and YOUR HELP, it's pretty difficult, if not impossible.

Change can happen, and it can happen quick. And anybody that tries to convince you otherwise is generally just to afraid to dream big.....not me.

STOPJECTIFY is going to be a central London based group exhibition.

This is something much bigger than myself, that i feel will leave much greater impact if many creative thinkers and visionaries  get together and produce an artistic expression of just how damaging objectification and the often directly related self-hate is.

Some sort of benchmark for all of us, to stop the unsolicited judgement of others and ourself,constantly happening in our head without any challenge,

- and turn it into an internal conversation each time it occurs, because realisation is the first step to actually create change. 

The other and hopefully even bigger part of the show, will be art which dares to imagine an alternative reality. One where we are much more conscious about what we say and do to each other and the impact that it has.

To get people involved from all over the globe ( because this is something we ALL have to deal with) i want the submission process to be as accessible as possible.

What many of you are not aware of, but all of my artistic fellows know far to well, is that to get our work in front of an audience, we already have to pay frequently and not small amounts of money either, which often doesn't even guarantee that the work will be exhibited, which leaves us artists with a tricky loop to overcome.

To sell art you need to establish yourself, to establish yourself, you need to get your work seen as much as possible, to do that you need money, to make money you have to sell art, or get another job to support your art-making, which sadly often means that artists haven't got enough time to actually make art....

you see what i am getting at.

SO to fund this show, I NEED YOUR HELP!

This is also the point in the campaign where i am asking YOU to submit work! 


If you are an artist and you want to submit your work  resonating with the project and points below, please head over to

and fill out the submission form. To me it is irrelevant when the work was produced as i believe that a lot of art is made before it's time and don't want to limit this exhibition by silly time-restrictions.

What i am looking for in this exhibition is art that :




• defines objectification as one of our universal root problems

• Addresses gender inequalities and social taboos

with regards to objectification

• Explores the difference between consensual roleplay

and everyday misogyny and objectification

• Imagines an alternative, more compassionate

reality where people are more conscious of their

behaviours towards others



Objectification isn't exclusively a gender Problem, it is THE problem, or more to the point- the cause of most of the problems we have in the world today.

The hate and violence against refugees and migrants is also the result of objectifying people.

If we had more empathy and for want of a better word "humanification" towards people from other cultures and countries, we wouldn't have a refugee crisis. In other words, we wouldn't have refugees, because there wouldn't be poverty, misery and war in the world.

( the last part is a direct quote from my brother and had to be added due to it's poignance!)


Please do understand that of course not all art submitted can be accepted, as i am expecting a high attendance and above all the show needs to work as a whole message.

So if your work doesn't get selected, PLEASE don't take that as a comment on your artistic ability, our friendship or let it stop you from submitting works in the future. It might just mean that somebody submitted work similar to yours already or that in the big picture it just didn't fit with this particular show. ( i know everybody is sensitive about their art ;)

I have secured the ground-floor space of  central London Gallery, which means the exhibition will be easily accessible ( because trust me, accessibility is a major factor for people to go and see art), it also means that it's not cheap...


In order to allow artists to purely concentrate on creating and submitting work which will fit the brief and inspire you, me and all of us in the process, i need your collective help to pay for this project because if everybody puts in a little, we will all get a lot out of this!

Other costs will be for setting up,taking down and marketing of the exhibit, as well as for the general assistance i will need to pull this off!

The gallery has a downstairs too, which i want to hire as well, but to not lay all the financial burden on you, i  will also submit an application to the arts council to match-fund my,... our project, as soon as the campaign is up and running because,



One of the many reasons i am massively excited about this project, is that already so many beautiful people have been helping to get it of the ground.

From Mr Nick Smith, my forever trusted friend  and web-designer who makes all my design dreams come true in exchange for haircuts :)  .

Mr David Hay who is a producer and pulled in favors left right and center to help me make the video! Richard Topping who kindly got involved and did an incredible job filming me after only knowing of me and my quest for the better part of a day..! Ben Hume- Paton who patently and brilliantly did the edit and whom i have yet to meet. James Downham, one of my hairdressing customers whom i roped in last minute to take over the sound part of the video ( free haircuts for you too James ;)) and Teddy Lamb, Lucy Frost and Nika Obydzinsky , the 3 volunteers who i was allowed to physically label in public ;P

Teddy specifically because he helped me getting over my nerves and assisted all day with the filming!!!

Not to mention ( tho i will on my website ) the awesome folks that did the subtitle translations for my script so that more people get the message,...literally!!

You see people are amazing!!!!

The other surprise on this project is, that some of my artist friends have actually offered to get involved with the rewards ( imagine that..they believe in me and my drive so much that they give their time and work for free <3)

So there is Anne 'Blondie' Bengard, an incredibly talented artist who will blow you away with her water-colour skills!! She not only offered 4 limited edition signed and numbered giclee prints of herpopular piece 'Sweet Tooth' ( below)...


but if that wasn't enough, she added custom A2 watercolour portraits for £450 each.


You provide a photo of yourself or anyone you want painted, from the bust up, and Anne will create an original art work in her unmistakable style!!!

Next up is the wonderful HarlotteVonCharlotte. Another incredible artist friend of mine who produced the A5 piece below, of which the original will be available as well as signed and numbered geclee prints that come as part of the Stopjectify pack that includes several prints of contributing artists!


am I pretty a5


 Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick 's pencil skills and never ending creativity blow me away on a regular basis, so needless to say that i am massively grateful that he picked up his pencil weapon and drew not 1 but 3 A5 panels for STOPJECTIFY of which each comes at a price of £100 and the limited and signed prints will be also part of the pack!


Another wonderful artist and contributor to the rewards is my good friend Jane Moore. She is supporting my campaign by giving me some of her original drawings from her own 'sketch a day project' as well as one print! .


And of course this wouldn't be my project if i didn't create something for it myself. So below is my embroidery "understand that you are so much more than just parts" , of which prints will also be available in the pack as well as a limited number of A4 art prints aaaand the embroideries below too!!


Stopjectify embroidery


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 17.35.13


As you can see in the reward section on the right,


i will also be stitching a limited number of custom embroidery portraits of you that will be mounted on n A4 board for £350 each. That is special as i have otherwise decided to not do custom work anymore as it just takes to much time away from my quest to change the world. So if custom is what you are after, here is your pop!

The other custom options created by me and at a greater cost due to obvious reasons, are my custom Retex Portraits at an A2 size for £1500 like the ones you see below

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 17.37.05


Other ( and less costly) rewards include STOPJECTIFY t-sirts, tote bags, Sticker-packs, A4 art prints , Patches, Badges  AND 'Cats against Cat calling' T-shirts ;)

cats against cat calling shirt




And then of course there is always the option of just donating money and saving me from the taxman ;)


So all in all you see that i will make this happen no matter what!

It would just be so much more powerful if you would be a part of it!!


Lots of Love and thanks for taking the time to read!!

Forever yours


Jess de Wahls