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BSO 2014

What is, is, is!

Jessika Wahls

Good morning lovey people :)
I keep getting these emails en mass at the moment from some PR companies that promise you heaven on earth for your crowd-funding campaign. I regularly keep reporting them as spam, because mostly that is what i think they are.
Got another one this morning of somebody who, it seems, at least bothered reading the story behind the campaign and his conclusion was that #STOPJECTIFY is all about empowering women and looking at how art objectifies them/us.
That isn't entirely true! #STOPJECTIFY and the campaign i am running is about multiple things, one of which is of course women's empowerment, but there is way more!
I am crowd-funding this show, in order to be able to rent a central London Gallery ( and i mean CENTRAL)!
That's important, because if i want to inspire and invite people who have normally not much to do with art, never-mind subjects like the ones i am exploring through the exhibit- it needs to be convenient to attend.
Now, those of you who are artists and curators, are very familiar with just how much a venue like that costs. IT'S A LOT!
You are also aware ( and that is mostly exclusively true for the latter) that showing your art ( particularly in London) adds up to a lot of money when you do it regularly, as artists have to pay , often just to get their work considered to be shown, unless of course you are good with schmoozing up to galleries and spend lots and lots of time at art openings ( i'm not and i don't, on either account )
It is free for artists to submit their work to this exhibition and it stays free for those that are chosen to participate.
I also want to explore several avenues of the head subject that is OBJECTIFICATION, and that isn't exclusively a female problem! It's everybody's problem and i want people to wake up to exactly that!
Some very strong work has already been submitted and i am looking forward to more arriving every day with the submission deadline being the 10th of January!
All art is welcome, and i will know the limitations of what will be possible to curate and what not- when i see it, so when in doubt,- submit it!
So if you are one of the glorious people that has already contributed to get my campaign to just shy ( literally £4 shy) of 4k YOU ARE AWESOME!!
You are helping not just me, but a whole cast of artists from all over the world, which makes you a PATRON OF THE ARTS <3 and that is a wonderful thing to call yourself!
You are also a HUGE help in my efforts to create change!
You ARE part of the CHANGE!
It's big!
I have 10 days left to raise another 3k, which seems lots, but 10 days is a life-time in crowd-funding land and i have reached some kind of inner calm, because i know that with the money already contributed i have the most amazing head start! This project will go ahead whatever will be, and every bit of your hard earned cash will make this exhibition GREAT!
A huuuuuuge Thanks also to all the artists that have so readily and freely given their time and effort to create work for the campaign to help me raise those funds!!
To name but a few - Anne Von Merm, Jane Moore, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Sharlotka Voicheck, Hugo Von Hugo , Anja Moehler You guys are so much <3 <3 <3
So if you have read on and you want to help make this happen, please take another little moment and watch the video, choose one of the rewards on offer ( believe me there are plenty great things still to be had)
Tell your friends about it ( and people you know who like to support the arts and have the money to do so ;) )
Share the link with other artists so the whole idea behind this will reach full potential and that's just it! Be part of the CHANGE!! <3 <3 <3