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BSO 2014

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Jessika Wahls

IMG_5768 Join me for my second of a series of embroidery workshops i will be giving at Soho Theatre, to get your creative juices flowing. I will guide you through embroidery basics to help create your very own Big swinging Ovaries Feminist memento, to take home at the end of the day. Step by step instructions will be provided, as well as all necessary materials, hoops, fabric, needles, pencils scissors and a selection of colourful embroidery floss. There will also be various Big swinging Ovaries patterns available for you to choose from. You don't need to be a seasoned stitcher to take part in this workshop. What's absolutely needed is an open mind to a very contemporary approach to a very old craft and a little patience since embroidery is a time-intensive art form. The workshop will run from 10:30 to 13:30 with an optional 1 hour lunch break and continue from 2:30 to 5:00PM. Fast learners will take home their finished design as well as an embroidery pack to finish unfinished work and kick off your embroidery obsession. The first three workshops come at a discounted price and will cost £95 thereafter. Spaces are strictly limited, so if this is for you, don't wait to long.

Tickets are available here





Put the Needle on the record , how Retexsculpture suddenly went state side

Jessika Wahls

Put the needle on the record is the name of a current group show at the Twilight Gallery in seattle, curated by the fabulous ellen Schinderman of unnamed


In her own words :

Put the Needle on the Record explores the constant connection between visual art and music. Cover art has been a part of the music experience since the first pieces of sheet music were published. Photos and portraits of musicians catch out imagination and allow us to feel what it might have been like to be there, at that show……

My contribution to the show was a whole new chanllenge in scale and size fr my retex sculpture. The portrait is based on the Bjork cover of her Homogenic album, designed by Alexander Mc Queen.

This was all new as the piece is much smaller than the pieces i had produced so far as well as the fact that i usually work with several pictures to reference the 3D quality of my work, tho in this case there was only the cover to work from.

Needles to say i am rather thrilled with the result and am more than pleased that she arrived safe and sound at the Gallery.

I also hand embroidered the #bigswingingovaries version of the iconic Technics Dj slip mats to go with the theme.


All in all the show looks fabulous and i regretfully couldn't attend the opening! That however doesn't mean that you can't ;)

It will still be running until the 15th of september , with events happening along the way



Big swinging Patches available on Etsy

Jessika Wahls

I've been going on about this for a little while and here they finally are- the #bigswingingovaries patches! I will put them up on my Etsy tonight so you can get involved! They will be available for this year only as i am planning to create a yearly series ! Part of the proceeds will go to #techmums, so you will actually help doing some good in the world too!IMG_2933.JPG

Big swinging Embroidery adventures

Jessika Wahls

As of late I have really been getting into Embroidery, and very soon the result of that new found obsession will be for sale all over my Etsy account soon.If you want to be one of the first ones to know when exactly I'm going to open shop- go ahead and sign up for my newsletter on here! It's also the best way to find out about any upcoming shows and all things Big swinging Ovaries. All that said, I'm going to indulge you with some embroidery I made over the past 6 month :) enjoy! IMG_2604.JPG








Current Exhibitions, Group shows and other places you can see my art

Jessika Wahls

To start off, you can see 2 results of my recent love affair with Embroidery at the Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road as part of the Sweet'Art Group show 'Y NOT'IMG_2163-0.JPG These 2 are part of a series of #bigswingingovaries hoop designs, which can be purchased alongside lots of other goodies at my soon to open Etsy store.


Another group show happening very soon is called 'Rare Art' at the Menier Gallery, where you will be able to check out 2 of my most recent Retex Sculptures in the flesh as they say. 'Chimamanda Ngozy Adichi, we should all be Feminists' and 'Channeling the Great' are the pieces on show.




A relatively permanent exhibit can be seen at my good Friends Tailoer Business 'Maurice Alteration Service' at 71 Endell Street, London WC2H 9AJ Just buzz yourself in and have a look;) So that's that for now, but be assured, plenty else is in the pipeline

Hand & Lock -Tambour beading- weekend workshop

Jessika Wahls

Picture 2  

Good monday morning to you too.

I wanted to write a post about what i did last weekend as i thoroughly enjoyed it and figured, so much joy must be shared.

so here it goes: around 5 weeks ago i received the brilliant message that i had won a Tambour Beading course with Hand & Lock London, for submitting the below picture to a price give away on instagram.



This was my first ever attempt in proper embroidery, i.e silk shading and  needles to say i was, -i am proud as punch that it won me the course.

Long story short, it finally happened last weekend and it was brilliant!

Jess, our teacher ( yes yes, i know, great name...!) Was lovely, patient and explained everything to us keen beginner tambourians (...!) to the point that we were all able to get some beads on some opaque fabric by the end of the course.

I am a pretty fast learner, tho i have to admit that Tambour beading is certainly only something for you if patience is one of your strengths.

Tambour beading is a quick way of applying beads and sequins, once you have mastered the technique.

unnamed-7Day 1 was all about the technique, so we worked the stitch on this see-through fabric.

Once we kind of got what we were supposed to do, we moved on to actually transferring a design and actually applying beads, which was great fun!

unnamed-8By the end of the day my eyes where pretty blurry as i am used to work with a light directly above my pieces. Tired but happy i was anticipating day 2!

Having learned the basics, we spend the morning with adding to the design of the previous day, i tried sequins, which is pretty tedious but once you get it, it's fun!

Pretty soon most of us where keen to try our hands on the 'not so easy' opaque fabric on which you mainly work by feeling , rather than seeing the beads you are working with, as the design is always facing away from you.

I decided on lovely Liberty fabric and drew a flower on it.

The beads i chose where miniscule and therefore very labour intensive, but as with all that i do, i like to apply repetition to learn as fast as possible.

So by the end of the day i had made a tiny beads flower and can confidently say- i certainly know how to Tambour bead now!!


In order to keep practicing, i actually bought he Tambour needle and hook i worked with and i will certainly work on incorporating this new learned skill into future retex sculptures of mine!


What's left to say is that i can't recommend this course enough!

So if you are a keen crafts person, go and have a look at what else they have to offer. You won't regret it!!