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2018 Big Swinging Ovaries vol.2, Platform Gallery, NSW, Australia

2015 Hand & Lock Headquarters, London, UK

2014 Big Swinging Ovaries vol.1 Pop-Up, Soho, London, UK

2011 Monsters & INK, Resistance Gallery, London, UK

2009 Painted Portraits, Soho Theatre, London, UK

Group exhibitions

2018 Defining Form, Untitled Space, NY, USA

2018 Stitch Fetish 6, Hive Gallery, LA, USA

2017 Stitch Fetish SF, CFSC, SF, USA

2017 NSFW, Spoke Art, SF, USA

2017 Knitting & Stitching Show, Olympia, London, UK

2017 Stitches Part II, Paragdim PA, USA

2017 She Inspires, Untitled Space NY, USA

2017 Stitch Fetish 5, Hive Gallery, LA, USA

2016 My Sex, Myself, Ply Gallery, London, UK

2016 Lust For Life, Menier Gallery, London, UK

2016 HM90, Creative Debut, London, UK

2016 STOPJECTIFY, Gallery Different, London, UK ( curator)

2016 Stitch Fetish 4, Hive Gallery, LA, USA

2016 Art Carbootfair, London, UK

2016 USGDR, Gallery Metanoia, Paris, France

2015 PTNOTR, Virago Gallery, Seattle, USA

2015 Feminist Fiber Art,, Aeronaut, BO, USA

2015 Exhibit Here, Menier Gallery, London, UK

2015 Summer Salon, Candit Arts, London UK

2015 Salon des Refuses, Space Gallery, London, UK

2015 Bad Behaviour, Brixton East, London, UK

2015 Art in Mind, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2015 Why not?, Sweet Art, Espacio Gallery, London, UK

2014 Guilty Pleasures, Juno, London, UK

2014 SEAMS, Sweet Art, Hoxton Arches, London, UK

2013 SHOW#1 Sweet Art, Crypt Gallery, London, UK

2010 The Museum Of Everything, Tate Modern, London, UK