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#patchYOURSELFhappy is about encouraging YOU (and me), - the consumer, to spend a little more time considering what kind of clothes we buy, where we buy them from and whether we really need something new every other week, to make ourselves feel happy...! 

I designed all these different embroidery patches, to make the whole process of going back to basics a lot more fun! I'd love for you to go to your wardrobe, pick out something you loved for a long time, that may feel a little dated now, and i want you to imagine just what you could change it into with some of my patches. 

I love flowers. I mean, who doesn't, right? But honestly, flowers have always been an incredibly integral part of my life and my art, they make me feel happy and it only feels natural, to look at flowers for help, when trying to solve this huge waste problem, that is growing by the minute, thanks to cheap fashion retailers with inferior fibre quality. 

Another thing that keeps rubbing me the wrong way, is the idea that only women, or very effeminate people are supposed to be 'allowed' to wear flowers.


It's ridiculous to assign flowers to any one gender, and i say STOP IT! It's up to US to change that! 

Whatever your gender ( and we all know there are more than just the two) whatever size you are, whatever skin-colour you were born with, YOU can wear my flowers!

I am planning to make this a thing!

My flowers are for