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London Runway Issue 30

By Naomi Purvis

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By Tabitha Britt



Profile – Jess De Wahls

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by Sara Khan

Last year we saw women from around the world coming together to respond to decades of sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault. From the Women’s March, #MeToo campaign, and Weinstein effect in 2017 to the Time’s Up movement at the Golden Globes and the Baftas. 2018 shows no signs of stopping and will be the year of women.

-Crafts Council-

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Jess de Wahls makes feminist art from your old clothes

I like flowers that are rough around the edges; wild flowers, flowers that are a little otherworldly.

Originally from Berlin, Jess de Wahls  is now a bona fide lynch pin of the British textile arts scene. She creates hand-sewn portraits from recycled clothes and colourful embroideries, using figures and flowers to tackle issues from gender inequality to waste culture.  -VICE 


Feminist Fiber ART

Kaileigh Callender (left) and Marshall Gillson looked at “Life is beautiful that way,” a piece by Jess de Wahls, at the opening night of the Feminist Fiber Art Exhibition in Cambridge earlier this month.


Jess de Wahls – Recycled textile sculpture

Jess de Wahls – Recycled textile sculpture

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If Beyoncé’s taught us anything, it’s the answer to the age old question, ‘Who runs the world?’ The answer? Girls.

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With an aim to inspire social change

artist Jess De Wahl's new solo exhibition features hand-sewn 3D portraits of inspiring female role models, including Beyonce, Vivienne Westwood and Frida Kahlo. The unique pieces are created entirely from upcyled clothing.

The exhibition will run for 11 days at #13 Whitcomb Street, WC2H 7HA, with the opening night on 8 March 2014: International Women’s Day. Half of the proceeds made will go towards the organisation #techmums. For more info, check out Big Swinging Ovaries!