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Artist Statement

Whether i use my self-created niche- Retex-Sculpting or Embroidery, the subjects of Social Injustice, Period Poverty, Gender Inequality, the rise of Identity Politics and Self-Actualisation combined with Textile Waste Culture and Creative Recycling Solutions have become my paramount focus.

For the medium of Retex Sculpting, old garments serve as fabric for the works and cushion filler  helps me to create a relief that raises the silhouette off the canvas creating greater depth.

As contemporary female artist, i seek to integrate rather than segregate the art of embroidery into contemporary fine art.

Being a self-taught artist, brings the advantage that i have found my own voice and approaches towards an age old medium such as embroidery, which continues to be undervalued and classed as CRAFT.

Breaking and re-shaping pre-conceived ideas around Textile Art, has very much become part of my work and is frequently discussed as part of my workshops.

Picture by Daffyd Owen

Picture by Daffyd Owen