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Retex Sculpture, short for recycled-textile-sculpture, is a term i have coined for my 3D textile art pieces which are entirely created from up-cycled clothes.

Textile sculptures exist in various shapes and forms, and while manipulating fabrics is nothing new, i set the emphasis with retex-sculpting, on my self-imposed rule of only using repurposed fabrics, such as old clothes, bedsheets, curtains basically anything that has an interesting texture to it and gains a new existence through it's use within this art form.

Not being able to re-buy certain fabrics, creates a whole new level of creative thinking solely du to it's limited and random supply. It also opens up a universe of exciting textures and colours that if bought, one would have to spend an enormous amount of money to achieve the kind of selection i have at hand purely through donated clothes.

I am trying to be aware of the waste that i create, and repurposing textiles in the age of fast fashion, into something new and exciting, is no doubt an important part of my practice. 


With the earliest pieces created in 2013, this particular part of my body of work, has been steadily growing and gained recognition within the Textile-art world, as it's very own niche.